Capital City Event Center at The Adelmann Building Is a eloquently preserved, is one of Boise’s most Historic, beloved, and valued locations downtown.

The Adelmann  Building Establishment, Built in 1906, was owned by a German miner and a Civil War veteran named Richard Adelmann. The entire building design was influenced by a variety of architectural designs. Most notably, however, is the Chinese influence found in the PAGODA TURRET on the front corner of the building. A Romanesque style is evident in the arched windows that are floor to ceiling in length, while the German influence can be seen in the brick formations. It lends itself to a modern yet San Francisco gold rush.

Although originally it was Stearn’s Motor Car Co. (large mural on East side of building) Currently, the three-story building with its 17,600 sq.ft  houses a verity of business, along with The Capital City Event Center.



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